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Working in the mining industry, weather is a key factor to your decision model and decision making process. However, weather is often one of the most volatile and unpredictable issues that mines face, affecting safety as well as operational efficiency.

Miningzone has been designed to take the guesswork out of weather. Miningzone is a service that combines a specific suite of products and decision support systems tailored for the mining industry, and provides superior weather forecasting and alerting, letting you make the right decision every time.

Miningzone is Australia’s only end to end service, covering pit to port operations, as well as integrating health and safety, operational efficiency and environmental elements.

Intuitive, customised and reliable

Miningzone Interface

A mining specific interface, designed for miners for mining operations. The complete lightning, weather and environmental situation is brought together into easy to use business decision tools, improving situational awareness and helping you make better decisions.


Customised overlays on Google Maps provide accurate, real-time monitoring.

Expert advice,24/7

Powerful forecast modules are coupled with written notes from our team of professional meteorologists, so you can plan operations with precise and timely forecasts.

Alerting & SMS

Automatic alerts based on site specific variables sent to wherever you are, when you need to make decisions.

Mining products

Miningzone was specifically developed to address the unique needs of the mining industry, helping to reduce the weather’s potential to impact productivity and profitability.

Total Lightning

Australia’s ONLY Total Lightning Network.


Plan operations around significant events well in advance.

Noise & Overpressure

Manage your environmental risk.

Dust & Dispersion

Understanding your dust and fugitive risk.

Operational Forecast

Business Integrated Forecast Systems.


Observations, lightning, radar, satellite and your site on a single animating display.

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